The Voice In Your Head

How many warnings have I received from that little voice in my head?  How often did I listen?

Recently, once again, my instincts told me not to pursue something.  It sounded like a great opportunity for me, but shortly after, I realized it was an awful decision.

What is it about us survivors?  Why do we constantly silence that inner voice?  Do we desire love and acceptance so much that we continually jump before we test the waters?  Even when red flags are everywhere we continue on our path of self-destruction.  How do we stop silencing our greatest protector?

  1.  Do not give immediate responses to job offers, social invitations (especially dates).
  2. Always create a pro/con list.  What are the positives of accepting, what are the negatives?  What are the opportunities, what are the pitfalls?
  3. Share your list with a trusted friend, counselor, or adviser.  Listen to their thoughts and suggestions with an open mind.
  4. Write, freewrite, or journal all you felt and thought during the first meeting:
    1. physical feelings
    2. emotional feelings
    3. internal conversations
    4. red flag words
  5. Sit down, go through all the above information.  If that little voice is still warning you, especially if it has grown louder, HEED IT!

Too often we are focused on not letting our past affect us and we ignore our well-developed sixth sense.  Don’t give up your protection!  It’s that voice which helped you survive in the first place.

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