“Don’t let your past define your future.  Don’t let anyone limit your dreams.”
~Deanna Carpenter

Deanna Carpenter is a mother, student, assistant, and a survivor. 

Blessed with a daughter in 2000 and a son in 2003, Deanna made the decision to return to school for her psychology degree.  Working full-time, coaching a dance team, and raising two young children, Deanna struggled but ultimately graduated with her B. A. in Psychology in 2010.

After completing her degree, Deanna relocated her family from Phoenix to St. Louis.  She continued her work as an executive assistant for a non profit organization.

Deanna became an independent True Colors Facilitator and held small classes to assist clients in learning how to find positions that suited their personalities, how to interview, and help them discover their strengths.  In her spare time, she helped promote a local indie wrestling organization.  It was during this time Deanna decided to start the journey toward her public relations master degree.

While completing her first class, Deanna realized her ultimate dream – combining her knowledge of True Colors with her experiences as an abuse survivor.

Deanna now plans to use the combination of her psychology degree, public relations degree, and True Colors training to start her own non profit organization helping other survivors of abuse discover (or rediscover) their strengths, their passions, and their own dreams.

You are a survivor.  You are stronger than you know.


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